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Can anyone ID this plant for me please

Img_1491 Img_1492



The first thing that came into my head was Incarvillea but after looking it up now I'm not so sure. Very nice plant anyway.

27 Sep, 2016


Is the pink one an onrnamental form of tobacco plant?

27 Sep, 2016


Mirabilis jalapa, also known as 4 o'clock plant and Marvel of Peru - frost tender though. Comes in a range of colours and colour breaks.

27 Sep, 2016


It forms a tuber which can be dug up and stored like Dahlia tubers.

28 Sep, 2016


Also seeds like mad. If you don't want loads of these growing next year, remove the small black pea size

28 Sep, 2016


Thank you everyone

2 Oct, 2016

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