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By Green70

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a dual variety pear tree must be about fifteen years old, which looks healthy but have had very few pears on it.None at all until a couple of years ago and this year very few,it is among other fruit trees.Any ideas please.



More info needed I'm afraid - is this plant in a pot or in the ground? Does it flower well every year? Which varieties of pear are they? Are, or were, the leaves healthy? And a photo of the tree might be helpful...

28 Sep, 2016


did you have hard frosts when they were in flower? if you did then that will be the cause of poor fruit set.

28 Sep, 2016


Does it get a lot of shade from the other trees? Are you sure that both varieties are still alive? By itself, a remaining variety may not be self fertile. If both are still alive, do they bloom at the same time? Again, it's about pollination.

28 Sep, 2016


Thank you for your help Bamboo Seaburngirl and Tugbrethil

7 Oct, 2016

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