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By Borodin

Denbighshire, United Kingdom Gb

Help needed please...we recently visited a garden / maze in Norfolk and my wife spotted a plant that she really liked. There was no label on it and there was no one around to ask. I took a picture because I thought one of you would recognise what it was (fingers crossed). So here is this week's challenge the plant.




Looks like one of the Lobelia varieties,Borodin..Cardinalis 'Queen Victoria',perhaps? .I think it is said to be hardy,but someone else will be able to give you more info than I can....

29 Sep, 2016


Agree with Bloomer, Lobelia cardinalis variety - listed as H3 for hardiness, so will survive the winter in mild, coastal regions, but not necessarily anywhere else! Its also one of those difficult plants that likes full sun but moist soil, or soil that doesn't dry out all the time- but doesn't like to be waterlogged in winter.

29 Sep, 2016


that's interesting Bamboo as mine is in the pond margin and has stayed there for the last 2 winters.

29 Sep, 2016


Cor, lucky you - I've lost count of the numbers of these I've planted over the years, never had a single one last longer than a summer, even though I'm in London. The last one I tried did start showing signs of regrowth in spring the following year, but soon gave up... so maybe your pond margin is the perfect spot.

29 Sep, 2016


slugs cant get to it :o)

30 Sep, 2016


Many, many thanks for the information. Knew I could rely on you all......

7 Oct, 2016

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