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By Mayso

I have a small, variegated tree, which has pale mauve, very sweetly scented flowers in summer. It is deciduous. I have a sneaking feeling it might be a form of dogwood, but I've been unable to find it anywhere. A friend would like one for her garden. Anyone with any ideas? I should add that it flowers in summer and the flowers are not enormous or showy, just wonderfully scented.

Asked from the GoYpedia variegated plants, shrubs and trees page

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No idea-though I suspect it's not a Dogwood--but I'm intrigued by its beauty. What part of the world do you garden in, Mayso? The climate might give us a clue.

30 Sep, 2016


Its lovely and I want to find out what it is too

30 Sep, 2016


Me too - it's really beautiful.

1 Oct, 2016


Hi, welcome to Goy, I think it could be 1 of the variegated philadelphus varieties, Derek.

1 Oct, 2016


What do the flowers look like when they are open, Mayso? And can you include a picture of where the leaves join the stems? Those are both important clues as to which family of plants we should be looking in.

2 Oct, 2016


I think it might be one of the many forms of Cornus florida.

3 Oct, 2016 that case, Landgirl, it would have bloomed before the leaves came out, with very different flowers. It keeps teasing my memory, but I can't drag the name out.

3 Oct, 2016


Got it, Mayso, courtesy of a question by Simbad, and answers from Shirley_tulip, and Thorneyside. It's apparently Clerodendrum trichotomum 'Carnival'.

7 Oct, 2016

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