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Growing medium for streptocarpus soil or soiless ? AMATEUR GARDING recommends compost or soiless with 25% added perlite so which one? when they say compost im supposing they mean regular multi-purpose compost?




In the States, we would use a soiless mix called "African Violet Mix", though "Cactus Mix" would do in a pinch. I don't know what the equivalents in the UK are called.

1 Oct, 2016


Thanks i looked up miricle grow african violet mix one i found was increadibly expensive seems its not easy to get hold of. They do suggest making your own up but that consists of peat/vermiculite we here have virtually banned all peat products here but i will keep on looking

1 Oct, 2016


why not mix perlite with your multi purpose compost. the streps I have bought have a 50% perlite : compost mix.

how is the cutting coming on? I know you were concerned about it. which one did you buy you never got back to me to let me know :o)

1 Oct, 2016


I wasnt sure if multipurpose compost might have too much fertilizer in it. Anyway good news is i went to wisley after giving up on local g.c. and got a good deal! AFRICAN VIOLET FOCUS comes in 2l size £2.99 dont know if i mentioned but i killed the first one due to a combination of pot size,wrong soil and over-water initially luckily dibleys gave me a replacement. I dont grow house plants normally and had conflicting advice so this was a lesson i learnt.

1 Oct, 2016


P.S .At the moment cuttings look ok i took the top section off and 3 leaves by cutting across the leaves that were unaffected dipped them in hormone. After one week now ive taken the bags off fearing rot and they look rigid and not black or wilting these thou were just placed in john innes no3 soil thats all i had at the time and that i had grown the plant in originally. But i cant disturb them now lets hope they make it and i give a couple away if anyone wants one if im successful. I think they are worth it and are probably much hardier when they are a big plant like i saw them at "highgrove" they are often photos seen as a hanging basket as this i guess gives them the drainage they like i guess but at "highgrove" they were in large silver containers.

1 Oct, 2016

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