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Olive Tree turning brown and crispy. Don't know why...

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I've had this nice little olive tree in Los Angeles for two years now and it's been looking great. Nice dark olive green leaves, etc. all the signs of a healthy plant. I water once a week which is what I was told to do. Again, two years, everything has been fine. I get back from New York a few days ago (mind you it was 100 degrees outside for two days) and my olive tree has browning crispy leaves (they are not falling off). I immediately thought it needed some water so I have watered it twice in the last two days but the plant seems to be getting worse. Does anyone know what is happening? I love this little tree would hate to lose it.

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Ah! 100ยบ days, and a terracotta pot. I would have been watering it every day, though if this is on the coast, every other day might have been enough, due to higher humidity.

30 Sep, 2016


Hi there. I don't understand why you think that watering once a week is set in stone...? Plants should be watered when they need watering, which is a lot more than once a week in 100 degree heat, and rather less when the weather is cold and damp. Sadly, there's nothing you can do now except learn from Olive's sad demise.

1 Oct, 2016


Yes, watering once a week sounds like a recommendation for a #15 size or larger tree recently planted in the ground. Are you sure that whoever gave you that advice knew what you were dealing with? Also, are you sure that you meant 2 years? That picture looks more like 2 months, at the most. Is the tree recently transplanted?

1 Oct, 2016

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