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Best way to transplant Cedar trees? My grandma has 3 she wants gone from her garden. 2 are about 4 ft and the 3rd I just discovered growing in a crack in the concrete next to her house. I told her I would love them, as I love having trees in my yard. I grew up with dozens of Fir trees where I grew up. So the more the merrier :) Thank you for any and all help. :)



You had mentioned on a previous blog that you had a landlord so the first thing to do is to inform him of your intentions, I would think. Remember, he told you to "no longer get anymore plants" this quote being taken from one of your former blogs titled..." Pissed At My Landlord".

1 Oct, 2016


I agree with Loosetrife2 re the landlord. but if you have the go ahead dig the plants up with as much soil around the root ball as you can. [they may be heavy so take care with your back] put in a bucket/or wrap in hessian/plastic. watered well and then transplanted as soon as possible into a bigger hole than you took them out of. make sure the soil you are putting back against the root ball is well dug so the roots can get out into it easily.
the one in the concrete just pull it up and plant what ever roots come with it in good soil/compost in a pot then keep watered. transplant next year when new growth is evident.

1 Oct, 2016


They are not big, only 4 ft right now. Their is 4 that are 4 ft, 3 or 4 and one that is a seedling.

1 Oct, 2016


3 or 4 that are 4'. Would like to post pics to out what species it is, but pics won't upload on this question. At Seaburn and Strife.

1 Oct, 2016


I added a pic to my garden pics. It's unfortunately sideways, so you will have to crink your neck lol. Idk why it's sideways, wasn't how I took the pic.

1 Oct, 2016

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