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Has anyone heard of a 'Snowberry' plant and if so how easy is it to grow, thanks , Nellie



So easy to grow that it will take over, I would avoid it like the plague:-)

1 Oct, 2016


Don't touch it with a bargepole Nellie.

1 Oct, 2016


Yes, been trying to kill it off in the hedgerow here for 20 years as it suckers all over the place on the inside.
Symphoricarpus is its name b the way.

1 Oct, 2016


Avoid is my advice too - for the odd china white berry you get, it's not worth fighting its inevitable spread, if the person means Symphoricarpos.

There is, though, another shrub called Gaultheria (sometimes Pernettya) procumbens and one variety has chunky white berries - its a shrub, common name prickly heath, usually sold with berries present, but you need a male and female plant if you want berries in other years, and it must have acid soil. Pictures and info here

1 Oct, 2016

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