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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Believe it or not, this is a serious question -

Not strictly gardening, but related thereto. My daughter has always insisted that when she goes out in her garden in the evening she can hear slugs and/or snails chewing her vegetables.
I know I'm a bit gullible but is this really possible ?



Well, I suppose, in a soundless environment, with acute hearing, and with your ear next to 17 slugs or snails having a party on lettuce or something, it might be so. They do make a noise when eating, but its usually only audible with a high intensity microphone placed very close. I've certainly heard a wasp chewing on the woody stem of a sunflower when its very quiet, but that's relatively noiser than a snail eating a lettuce leaf. Maybe she's winding you up, or maybe she geniunely believes she can hear them...

2 Oct, 2016


well sometimes I can hear a faint rasping it depends what is near and reflecting the sound. it drives my oh mad when I say ssh can you hear that...... and he cant. But I do have a good hearing range much to the amazement of the audiologist.

2 Oct, 2016


Thanks, Am passing your replies to my daughter to get her reaction.

2 Oct, 2016


Daughter still insists she is right and is going to catch one or 2 Aand bring them indoors with lettuce leaves so I can hear them for myself.

9 Oct, 2016


Whether you can hear them or not depends on the acuity of your hearing I'd imagine, but fun to see if you can...

9 Oct, 2016

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