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Does anyone know the species of trees these are, they all share a root ball. There are 5 trunks. I am transplanting them in my yard today. I think they are cedar, they smell like it.




Btw Idk why the pic is coming up sideways.I am taking the pic normally.

2 Oct, 2016


It's alright, Bft2, it's a common problem on this sites with pictures taken by phones and tablets, and we are used to it.
At first glance, I thought that it was weeping Colorado Juniper (Juniperus scopulorum 'Tolleson's Weeping Blue'), but I then realized that it might be a weeping form of False Cypress (Chamaecyparis). A close-up of the foliage might help--Chamaecyparis foliage comes in flat planes, while Junipers are more random. It might be important to know: Juniperus scopulorum is adapted to a sunny, dryish climate, while Chamaecyparis is better adapted to wetter climates.

2 Oct, 2016


I live in Zone 7B, if that helps. At Tugbrethil. I am in NC. I will try to take a closer pic. Thank you for the help, You are the only one to name names so far!

2 Oct, 2016


I just posted a pic of foliage with some tiny pine cones on it. At Tugbrethil.

2 Oct, 2016


Still not as close as I was thinking, but close enough to rule out a Chamaecyparis. Juniperus virginiana 'Pendula' seems the closest, but isn't quite the right color. There could easily be another variety of that species that is the perfect color, but one I'm not familiar with. Eyeballing pictures on Google right now! :)

2 Oct, 2016


Hmm...the best match that I have found so far, is a picture of J. v. silicola, but other pictures of that subspecies are extremely variable, so I can't say that it's a complete answer.

2 Oct, 2016

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