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Better pic of foliage and pine cones of mystery tree. (Sorry if it comes up sideways, as this phone is not the best). Did take pic normally.




Sorry! I was looking at your photo files, rather than here, so my second to last post on the previous question is kind of nonsense! This picture is as close as I was thinking, but, unfortunately, too out of focus. What I can see doesn't look like any kind of conifer, though, with those thread-like leaves, rather than stems covered with scales or short needles. Sadly, to get good images to help with ID, you would need to take some foliage inside, put them on a piece of paper, or other blank surface, and take pictures with a camera with a macro feature.

2 Oct, 2016


An I don't have that kind of camera... Only camera I have right now is my grandma's crappy camera phone. Once I get my phone charging again, I can probably take a better pic. At Tugbrethil.

2 Oct, 2016


Not a demand, Bft2! Anyone can tell you how often I post pictures on GoY--never! :( It's a combination of a crummy phone, and just enough poverty to keep me from buying a camera. Prices are getting better, though, so hope springs eternal. :)

3 Oct, 2016


Whatever you do, do not get a digital, NSA spies on ppl thru the lens. Phone lenses and webcam lenses, as well. The only solution thus far is black tape. (electrical tape) applied onto lens). They can not see past it.

3 Oct, 2016


At Tugbrethil

3 Oct, 2016


With that in mind, I was planning on one with no wireless capability, which makes the search that much more difficult, now. I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist--after all, why would anyone go to so much useless effort--but I am no supporter of a 1984-style society.

4 Oct, 2016


I will try to simplify it for you, the NSA, the illegal spying gov agency, illegally keeps tabs on all American citizens, claiming it's "to protect against terrorism", however, they have been in existence for I would say at least 100 yrs.. waaay before 9/11. Americans never knew about the spying until the now infamous Whistle blower Edward Snowden leaked sensitive data about what the NSA was up to, to the American public, via Wikileaks. See, he used to work for NSA and CIA, wanting to make America better, and to help people. he didn't know about the spying until he started working for NSA. He didn't like how NSA was illegally spying, and invading privacy, and what not. An decided to do something about it. The NSA can spy through anything with a lens, and records (illegally) all means of electronic communication. From social media to phone calls and text messages. Even voice mail. At tugbrethil.

5 Oct, 2016


Btw, due to the fact that he speaks up for what is right, Snowden is my hero. If you would like to know more about him, their are 2 excellent movies about him, both documentries, first is CITIZENFOUR and other is simply Snowden. I recommend watching Snowden second.

5 Oct, 2016

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