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An here is my seedling I am also transplanting.. Just like Tupac's poem, It grew from a crack in the concrete <3 Would anyone know what species Conifor this one is, as well?




That one, at least, I know! Or at least partially...:)
Those are Pine trees (Pinus), though it will probably take a local expert or plant taxonomist to identify which species they are at that age.

3 Oct, 2016


Thank you so much. It's just one tree. Growing too close to my grandma's house, so it's coming with me lol. Hopefully today. At Tugbrethil. Before my grandma gets tired of waiting and pulls it herself like a weed..

3 Oct, 2016


Oops! Yep, I thought I saw two, but one's a branch! So much for all those line tracing puzzles in my "Highlights" magazines when I was a kid! :)
If you can't get much soil with the roots, keep them moist, shorten the needles, and use Superthrive. Pine trees are fairly resilient with good care, fortunately.

4 Oct, 2016


If your thinking of the same Superthrive I am, I did some research on it, (I am strictly organic, no chemicals in my yard), an found out it is snake oil. At Tugbrethil. An only gotten 50/50 results, even when used properly.

5 Oct, 2016


I've had good results with it, but I am presently investigating an organic alternative which one of my customers, a biochemist, discovered. Pumpkin seeds are rich in tryptophan, which is a precursor to a natural plant rooting hormone. She chops them up and soaks them in cold water, then drenches the roots when she plants or transplants. I'm going to try it out next time I transplant or root prune a plant, and see how it does for myself.

5 Oct, 2016


Huh, isn't Tryptophan what makes people sleep after eating Turkey?? Or is that a myth? You know, Idk if it's true, or not, but I heard pumpkin seeds are good for worms in dogs. . I am always trying to find an organic alternative for everything, screw Monsanto, is what I say. Think my next project is to grow from organic seed, an orange tree and some broccoli. The head I am getting the seeds from is massive, It's almost bigger than my hand! But I digress, am getting off topic, would love to see the results of your pumpkin seed experiment. Sounds so simple yet interesting!

6 Oct, 2016

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