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I have a Silver Birch Tree in my garden which has been there for some 20 years. This year the top is covered in Russian Vine which has come in from an adjoining garden and is travelling along the high tree bush border (mainly elderflower and ivy and a large bay tree). It has ruined the Birch and grows immensely fast. What can I do about it. The neighbours are seldom living in the house.



You are legally entitled to cut down the parts of a plant which encroach on your property. If you can't do this yourself, then employ someone to do it for you.

As this will be an ongoing problem, you should also talk to the neighbour, or send them a letter if this isn't possible. If they don't respond, or refuse to maintain the vine to keep it within reasonable bounds, then you will have to employ a solicitor who specialises in boundary law if the property is privately owned, or contact the council (or other landlord) if the neighbour is renting.

Wishing you lots of luck.

4 Oct, 2016


Its common name "mile a minute" lives up to it!

Cut it off level with the fence and it should die
Hard to untangle though.....

Translocated Poison in the spring may help but not sure on the legality

4 Oct, 2016


If the owners are rarely in the house they probably wouldn't mind getting rid but there's nowt so queer as folks - may be worth a try?
If you do manage to cut it back to the fence it will be a matter of clipping it regularly before it goes mad again. The dead vines will be unsightly for a while until you can get rid of them but that should be an end of it.

4 Oct, 2016

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