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By Janey

Lincolnshire, England Eng

Hi everyone, I'm planning on changing the planting in my south facing border to include evergreens for winter interest. The problem is the border is backed by a high wall and is very dry in the summer months. I have one or two Euonymus which are fine and Iris Foetidia which copes too. Could you give me any more ideas please?



Artemisias, Brachyglottis, Cistus, Lavender.Olearia, Rosemary, Santolina, Halimiocistus, Phlomis, and if you want something larger, Photinia

9 Aug, 2010


Thanks Bamboo, that's a good list......a few of those I have but not in that the Artemisias....I'm going to check out the others now...:o)

9 Aug, 2010


Dwarf varieties of Arborvitae (Platycladus orientalis).

10 Aug, 2010

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