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Can anyone identify this fruit growing in an orchard in Cambridgeshire UK please?




It's a medlar and makes lovely jelly.

11 Oct, 2016


yes I agree its a medlar.

11 Oct, 2016


Not ripe enough to make Jelly with yet though. You need to wait until they are just going soft, but before they rot. To eat raw they need to rot down to really soft (bletting). HenryV111's favourite fruit.

11 Oct, 2016


Don't they stink when they're bletted? I know someone who's got these but says she cannot bear the smell...

11 Oct, 2016


They only smell if they are going mouldy rather than 'bletting'. At least they do to me. I don't like the taste of them then either, though the jelly is nice.

11 Oct, 2016

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