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My dog is sniffing the grass at night .last night she ate 2 slugs is there anything I can put down .as a couple of months ago she ate a snail and was really ill .can anyone help



Well its quite normal for dogs to sniff everything - if you use metaldehyde slug pellets, you'd best stop because you don't want the dog to eat a lot of slugs or snails which have eaten the pellets first. You'll just have to stay with the dog and stop him eating while he's outdoors, and not let him stay outside on his own in the dark.

11 Oct, 2016


Bamboo is right...there's nothing you can do to stop a dog eating's natural for them. Mine picks up rotting crabs on the beach...disgusting! lol! But please don't use any slug pellets, they can be fatal, and some dogs like the taste of them. For a slug control, I have found the only helpful treatment is nemaslug, but it will never eradicate slugs from your garden and is very expensive. I think you'll have to be very vigilant and teach your dog the 'drop it' command. Good luck!

11 Oct, 2016


Hi, I had the same problem with my younger dog so I booked a appointment with the Vet due to eating Slugs and Snails can give your dog Lungworm which if not caught early can be fatal. Luckily I live in a area were there is no Lungworm so I didn't have to do anything but if in a risk area it just needs a dewormer that covers Lungworm.

lol. Karen, sorry made me smile, my old springer used to roll in any dead fish or crab, the smellier the better she thought :-(.

11 Oct, 2016


I know's hilarious and very smelly at the same time.

11 Oct, 2016

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