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We have a fig tree (brown turkey) 4years old planted in large pot in ground approx 4met high loads of fruits each year .However they do not ripen each fruit is of good size , please advise



Hi Charliegirl and welcome to GoY. Where are you in the UK, we couldn't have a fig tree outside up here in Moray.

11 Oct, 2016


Bognor regis west sussex no snow in last 5 years

11 Oct, 2016


Okay is it growing in full sun and why do you have in a pot in the ground rather than just planted in the soil? Fig trees also like a poor soil rather than one full of nutrients.

11 Oct, 2016


Hi Moon Grower, told by garden centre to plant in large pot, dig hole place pot in and cover this will stop fig roots from spreding asthis wohld make tree run riot etc, wehave to prune to control growth also to take most unused fruit off at end of season this is to promote fruit next year, it would be such a shame to dig up as its such a attractive tree , it is in a sunny spot

12 Oct, 2016


Welcome to GOY Charlie girl. My brother grows this fig. It is planted in a pot planted in the ground. I understand fig trees have to have the roots squashed in to the pot to make it think it is dying and so produce fruit. The fruit grows one year but does not mature until year two. He harvests the ripe fruit and leaves the rest to grow on. Have a look at the RHS growing guide.

12 Oct, 2016


Welcome Charlie Girl. I too have a fig in large pot though not planted in the ground. Sounds like you are having success with yours except that the fruit is not ripening.

Mine is about 10 years old and fruits relatively well. The figs do ripen even though it is only in sun for a few hours of the day. I feed it weekly with tomato food as soon as the small figs appear. I'm not sure whether this is what helps the figs to ripen but it's a possibility. Do you feed yours?

12 Oct, 2016

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