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How do I get rid of moss in the herbaceous border?



Use a hand fork to dig out without disturbing your plants

13 Oct, 2016


As suggested hand fork out. Usually the result of poor drainage. Work in some sharp sand; horticultural grade if you have ericaceous subjects.

13 Oct, 2016


Moss usually appears in shadier, planted areas when the soil hasn't been cultivated for some time - fork it over, lightly.

13 Oct, 2016


I have a lot of 'pearlwort' which looks like moss, but isnt a true moss. It thrives on wet shady prts of my clay soil. I tend to scoop the whole lot up and dump it, soil and all. And whenever I get the chance, I add sand and grit and fork it in. Its a hard slog to get rid of it. But believe it or not, they use it in japanese gardens at Chelsea so now the garden centres have started selling it!

14 Oct, 2016

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