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My forest flame (over 20 years old) has started to look like it's covered in mud. Underneath the leaves there are covered in black and white flies (kind of see through).



Hi there.

It sounds like sooty mould and sap-sucking insects. Check out this RHS link for information:

15 Oct, 2016


Hmm, sounds awfully like a new pest on Pieris called Pieris lacebug - currently reported in the south, and the symptoms you describe fit the description, info here

15 Oct, 2016


Is there no end to all these new pests? There will soon be nothing left for the poor slugs to eat...

15 Oct, 2016


There's a list - we currently await the Emerald Ash Borer - the Asian Longhorn beetle was found breeding in Kent in 2003, not sure how its doing now, and then there's all the new diseases, mostly fungal - the phytopthera collection. Sounds like a fashion house.... All consequences of globalisation and climate change I'm afraid, Stera...

15 Oct, 2016


It sounds rather attractive (but I'm not condoning its habits...)Just looked up what it eats - if it gets here it would solve the annual problem of leaf fall as there are many sycamore and some ash on the edges of our garden... Perhaps holly is the way to go - it would take a strong beetle to chomp through much of that!

16 Oct, 2016


Stage? I would be Terrified...

16 Oct, 2016

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