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I am going over to almunecar andulucia named cost tropical because of mild summers and winters

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

I am going over to almunecar andulucia named costa tropical because of mild summers and winters its very very dry. I wonder what plants i can take that will do well there that they wouldn't necessarily have. Their are many plants that grow in u.k. that shouldn't and i think that i could try out some stuff that wouldn't normally be associated with the area. december and january can get cold there but not much frost as far as im aware.

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What a magnificent cactus! Do you mean you are visiting or are you going to live there?

16 Oct, 2016


Try to get a look at a Sunset Western Garden Book, and look for plants listed as good for zones 13, 14, and 23--that is a different zone system than the USDA one of infamy...I mean, of fame! :)
Also remember that both Spain, and that province, will have laws about importing certain plant species, and/or soil from certain areas.

16 Oct, 2016


Thanks for the info i will look for that book No im not going to live there im visiting a friend that lives in the hills there outside of town and could have an amazing garden as it looks right down a valley to the sea. If i can find some better photos of her garden i will post soon.

16 Oct, 2016


Pretty, pretty! It's going to be hard to find something that she doesn't have, though.

16 Oct, 2016


i ordered that book from amazon thanks and i will take over salvias, she has jacaranda tree but i would not say she has a great deal of stuff shes not a gardener. I thought i could try abutilon savitzii just small things that i can get in a rucksac

16 Oct, 2016


I'm not entirely certain but can you take plants abroad? Cuttings yes, but not plants that have soil attached because of transmitting disease.
However, what about any of the grey leaved plants - lavender, curry, euryops pectinatus for starters. Do check what you're allowed to take abroad though.

17 Oct, 2016


You must check about any plant material to ensure biosafety. seeds, cuttings the lot. if you try to sneak it through and you get caught at customs the outcome may be severe.

17 Oct, 2016


Lucky you Alistair . . . and at least you'll be able to take ideas and good suggestions!

19 Oct, 2016

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