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Ihave a Conferance pear tree and each year whatever pears i have are covered in black spots and eventually fall off.Is there a spray i can use and when best time to do it.



There are no amateur use sprays for Pear Scab, sadly. We used to use Copper sulphate which is no longer sold as a fungicide, but I am led to believe that you can buy it from Wine making outlets.
Spray once the fruit has set and again when they begin to show signs. Otherwise collect up and burn. bin, but not compost any affected fruit and leaves. Prune the tree to allow a free flow of air through it.

17 Oct, 2016


Are you seeing black marks on the foliage as well as the fruits? If there are no marks on the leaves, and the tree is otherwise completely healthy, when do the black spots start on the fruits?

17 Oct, 2016

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