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Hi all my Gardening friends!
A delayed question because this plant flowered back in September. It grew to about 3ft high and only had one flower on it.
Can somebody tell me what it is please? It suddenly grew out of 'no where' and it was totally lovely, a wonderful surprise! But what is it?
I love surprise s in the garden, don't you? I planted a double blue clematis which spent the next five years clambering happily through my flowering cherry tree. But this year, for the first time, it did a spectacular second flowering, even over onto my neighbours' bush too. What a splendid sight up there, it really made my heart go boom de boom!!

Image Image Image



The flower is from one of the gingers, specifically, Hedychium densiflorum, possibly 'Assam Orange', which sometimes looks quite yellowish orange and other times looks more reddish orange.

The leaves you've shown in the last picture are nothing to do with the ginger, they're some other, unrelated plant. Growing conditions and care for Hedychium here

17 Oct, 2016


Thanks Bamboo, great! Yes I realised too late that the leaves in front are from my sad old phlox that has the lurgie............

17 Oct, 2016

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