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By Andrea

Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Asparagus from seed.... Managed to germinate seed from existing asparagus plants and they are growing well, just not sure what to do with them now to keep them growing?



How are you keeping them now, Andrea, and what is the weather doing where you live? I would plant them out, myself, but winter is still a couple of months away, where I live, and isn't so ferocious, even then. If they were raised indoors, they will need hardened off, at least, and that can take a few weeks away from your timetable.

23 Oct, 2016


Thank you I live in the north of England so not much mild weather left for us this year! They are currently only about 6 inches tall and still in the seed tray they germinated in. I think I will leave them a little longer and then put in individual pots and leave them till next spring when hopefully they will have survived and I can plant them out on the allotment.
I was pleased that I managed to get them to germinate from seed off the existing plants :-)

23 Oct, 2016


A bit of a dilemma, then, especially if they are growing outdoors. Transplanting them is likely to shock them a bit, and stimulate some new growth--not a good thing so close to frost. On the other horn, they are definitely big enough to transplant, and keeping them in the tray is going to result in some competition mortality. Hmm...I think that I would transplant them, and then keep them sunny and sheltered to give them time to settle down and go dormant before serious frost. Once they go to sleep, I would keep the soil from freezing, and plant them out when they show new growth next spring.

23 Oct, 2016


Thank you :-)

23 Oct, 2016

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