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will bare root alstromerias bloom in first year




Quick answer is no , you may get one or two flowers in the second year but only comes in to its own in the third, as I do grow several varieties.

I also propagate from the swollen roots, so I do have first hand experience to be confident to give you the answer you are looking for.


23 Oct, 2016


how hot and dry can alstros take?

25 Oct, 2016


how do they make them grow 6ft at saville garden? mine are ok in pots but dont like my clay soil much even if i rejuvinate it

25 Oct, 2016


Hi Alistair,

They can take the heat but need damp soil but well drained in the borders or if in pots watered every day in summer if hot warm days ? best grown in a John ins no 3 with added grit as any peat based potting compost can hold too much water ... they would hate clay soil, too much water around the roots over winter will rot them plus they can suffer from fungal diseases at the roots if not well drained increases the risk.

With the height depends on the variety you have ...but a 6ft variety ? I dont think they have I have never seen one and also normally the tall are a commercial cut flower variety that stays in the greenhouse and not for outdoors.

Did you get a variety name ?


25 Oct, 2016

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