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I have two fig trees last year I had a bumper crop of figs but this year plenty of figs appeared but stayed small. I know it's too late for them to ripen now, but why would this happen they are very healthy otherwise. Should the trees be pruned, if so when. Any help would be appreciated.



Summer not warm enough was the problem ...

you need to remove all the figs that are left and leave the pea size ones which will develop next year.


23 Oct, 2016


Thank you for your reply, re the small unripe fruit. However, I still need to know whether I should prunesome of the bush/ tree back? Can you or anyone help with this question? Many thanks

23 Oct, 2016


Hi Patty. Pruning should only be done if a tree needs it (crossing branches, for example), and without seeing photos of your fig trees, no-one can know if yours need pruning or not. I suspect not, as it seems you've only had the trees for a year or two. In any case, pruning won't improve the size of the fruits if that's why you're asking; as Gnarly says, small fruits are the result of a cool summer.

23 Oct, 2016


I have a 10+ year old fig in a pot and whenever I have pruned it, it doesn't produce as much fruit the following year.

25 Oct, 2016


Thank everyone that gave advice about my fig trees.

26 Oct, 2016

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