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By Agordon

what is the plant growing in my planter?




Looks like a Heuchera.

23 Oct, 2016


I thought so too. Pretty plant.

24 Oct, 2016


have you gently pulled the leaf? if it comes away easily then I suspect a worm has used a fallen leaf to seal up one of the burrow entrances. if it is firmly attached to a growing plant then huechera is certainly a good choice.

24 Oct, 2016


I didn't know worms did that, Seaburn. I would have just assumed that it was either a dead windblown leaf or that it was a seed (from a bird) that had germinated.

This site is a wealth of information!

24 Oct, 2016


yes they do, it helps reduce rain entering and I assume stops draughts a bit. I once got both my girls on hands and knees watching a leaf get pulled into a burrow. That is why worms are so useful.

24 Oct, 2016


Thanks all for your help - will pull the leaf and see what happens!

24 Oct, 2016

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