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I have Delphiniums in a huge pot. They flowered brilliantly but they have finished. I brought them in almost everyday while they were flowering to save them from slugs & snails. What should I do next? Do I just leave them out in a sheltered spot or bring them in?

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Leave them out, they die back completely over winter and be fine.

24 Oct, 2016


I agree with Mg,but I would give them a mulch for added protection,and maybe some grit on top..slugs especially, could lay their eggs in the soil..maybe add one or two slug pellets too,if you use them.

24 Oct, 2016


Cheers Bloom & Moon. The Delphiniums were a vibrant blue & it would be a shame not to keep them for next year. All other attemps in the borders have failed before

24 Oct, 2016


The new shoots are like a magnet to slugs and snails,Bill.I would leave them out next year,but just be one step ahead..Maybe a strip of copper band around your pot would be good.It stopped them getting to my Petunia's this year :o)

25 Oct, 2016


Copper pipe tee hee

27 Oct, 2016


A whole new meaning to 'Head Banging ':o)That would stop em in their tracks .Lol.

28 Oct, 2016

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