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Hello friends! I got two plants from a friend that aren't doing well, hoping to revive:
The first is abutilon hybridus that has yellow splotching, dying leaves, etc. See pics.
Second is dwarf crape myrtle that had all the leaves curl and brown around edge, but has put out some healthy growth. I'm most concerned about the flowering maple. Could it be TMV or another virus? Or just rust?

Any diagnostic and treatment help? Thanks!!

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The Crape Myrtle looks like the watering was forgotten on it for a crucial time or two. Keep an eye on it: as hot as the Southwest has been lately, a Crape Myrtle in a pot will need watering every day.
On the Abutilon, I'm not seeing the diagnostic blotching of TMV. What I am seeing is serious starvation for various nutrients, especially nitrogen, magnesium, and manganese. That may also be compounded by chronic drought, and sodium poisoning. The aftermath of a severe case of aphids may also be involved--it sounds like a hard life, to me! I can't see if it is in a pot or not. If not, drag the hose over, and pour a good 50-60 gallons of water on it to leach out the sodium. Applying humates before the leaching will make it even more effective. Follow it up with a dose of a complete liquid, low phosphate fertilizer with micronutrients. Slower granular fertilizers can be applied a few weeks later, to keep up the recovery.

25 Oct, 2016


Awesome. Thanks so much! The abutilon is in a pot. Should I still leach or just start the nutrient treatment?

25 Oct, 2016


Leaching is still good, but you will probably only need 5-10 gallons to do the job, and no need for humates.

26 Oct, 2016

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