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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

He big rhubarb root I put in the ground

a couple of months ago now looks like the photo below. It grew fast and now has about 20 thin red stalks ( sticks ? ), some of which are shown . Must I now pull these up or what ?
As usual I don't have a clue. THanks.




For now, leave the leaves on it as long as they are green, since they are putting energy into the roots, if you cut off green leaves, you will never get thick stalks. Even big roots need 2-3 years to become strong enough to harvest stalks for any length of time.

26 Oct, 2016


Thanks Tug, but eventually I pull them up, cut them up small and put them in the compost bin ? ?
Then cover the root in well rotted compost or similar ?

26 Oct, 2016


I wouldn't remove them at all just add your well rotted manure or compost round the base of the crown and let them rot back naturally.

26 Oct, 2016


Thanks M, sorted !

27 Oct, 2016

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