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How do I over winter tuberous begonias? I would like to save this for next year. How would I save it through a long, cold & snowy winter? Thank You.




Let it all dry. Then you have a choice between storing it in the pot somewhere frost free (replacing the compost next spring) or removing it and knocking the dry compost off. Then store it in a container of dry sand, wood shavings, dry compost etc, again in a frost free and mouse free place.

26 Oct, 2016


I like to take mine out of the basket, take as much compost off as possible and I sit them in a bowl of Provado for half an hour, just in case there is anything lurking inside.I let them dry for a few days before storing in seed trays in the greenhouse. Some say you should dust with sulphur powder but I never have. Some say wrap individually in newspaper. I might give that one a try with a few to see how it goes. If they're in pots I would do what Steragram says and leave in the dry compost for protection till next year. I lose a couple each winter but I do have quite a few. It would be expensive to replace them every year so storage is the solution, along with the fuchsias, pelargoniums and other tender plants.

27 Oct, 2016


I lift mine and let them dry for a day or two then pop them into a deep layer of sawdust in the coalhouse which is frost free.
must say that is a beauty Bathgate.

27 Oct, 2016


Thank you Seaburngirl, Thorneyside & Steragram. I appreciate your good advice. They are definitely worth saving.

28 Oct, 2016


Cheers. Just done mine today.

28 Oct, 2016


I'll do mine over weekend. thanks

28 Oct, 2016


Did mine today and glad I took the compost off as I found vine weevil grubs in the compost. Do you get vine weevil in the US? Worth checking.

31 Oct, 2016


yes, we get them here as well, We just call them grubs. The starlings love to dig them up.

31 Oct, 2016

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