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By Ailsa

Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

Is there anything I can do to stop brown rot on my Victoria plum tree please and also pear midge on my conference pear. I have had a disastrous year on both.

this is the RHS advice for brown rot
and this is the one for your pear midge problem.

the RHS is the best advice so have a read and see if you can sort your trees. good luck with both trees :o)

28 Oct, 2016


Thankyou. I have checked the links and found them helpful.

28 Oct, 2016


Is your tree planted in a tub/container? The problem is most likely a nutrient deficiency. Much like blossom end rot on tomatoes. Fruit trees are extremely hungry/thirsty plants. Anything lacking will cause problems. When your plum tree goes dormant, try transplanting to a larger container with new grow medium.

31 Oct, 2016


Thankyou but my trees are in the ground. I have not really fed them much and wondered if I should clear the grass round the root

31 Oct, 2016

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