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where can i buy antigone flower ?



Depends what you mean by antigone - if you mean Neoreglia antigone, there is a variety available at House of Plants on line called Neoregelia 'Fireball'

Otherwise, there's a Fuchsia 'antigone' and the RHS plantfinder says there are two suppliers, didn't check out who they were.

29 Oct, 2016


Hi, welcome to GoY, as Bamboo says, there isn't a plant species called Antigone, but cultivars of the plants mentioned, have been given the name by the breeders.
The only Antigone I have heard of, is as a character in a play by Sophocles, written about 440bc, Derek.

29 Oct, 2016


Maybe Antigonon leptopus, called Coral Vine, Queen's Wreath, and half a dozen other names? It's not something that I would try to grow in the UK, but it should be successful in any mild winter, hot summer climate.

30 Oct, 2016


Also if you want advice on where to buy you need to put your location on your profile - there is not even an indication of country at present.

30 Oct, 2016

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