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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

About a year ago, acting on someone's advice I filled up 4 black plastic bags with chopped up dead leaves which I've kept permanently damp. What is the best thing to do with them now or do they need another year just left there ?



You could use them as a mulch on your garden now, or wait another year or so to let it rot down for use with your potting compost.

30 Oct, 2016


Have a look inside the bags - if what you see is black, crumbly, fresh smelling soil like material in the bottom, you can use it now or next spring as compost on beds and borders. Its not necessary to keep leaves permanently wet, they only need to be wet or damp when first bagged up - hopefully you poked some holes in the bottom of the bag initially too. If it still looks like soggy leaves, it needs to be left longer.

30 Oct, 2016


Thanks guys, yes, I did poke holes in the bottom, but I did water them occasionally. Will check them out tomorrow and do as you suggest,

30 Oct, 2016


If not too heavy I would give the bags a turn or two every week to mix up the contents to even out the composting process. Sort of like those rotating composting barrels.

30 Oct, 2016


Right, thanks L. Will do.

30 Oct, 2016

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