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Hello everyone.

It's been a long time since I've been on here but I'm hoping that someone can help me. A few years ago I bought some Parrot's Beak plants for my hanging baskets. The botanical name for this plant is Lotus maculatus. Sadly, it's listed as critically endangered on the IUCN red list. However, it seems to be around for gardeners in countries other than the UK. I'm looking for seeds of this plant to grow (I'm sure that many years ago I spotted Unwins supply these seeds but alas not these days). I'd love to grow it as long as I know that the seeds came from a trusted source, which would not cause any problems for wild specimens. I live in Hertfordshire but if seeds could be posted...alternatively if anyone has tried to grow this plant from seed and could advise whether it was an easy subject to grow I'd be very grateful.

It's a very beautiful plant and with care it could be overwintered (not hardy at all but it does come from Tenerife so I'm not surprised it hates winter).

I do hope that everyone is enjoying autumn and all its fabulous colours.

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I have grown it from seed and kept it as a houseplant I had it for several years. I cant remember where I got the seed from. it could have been a pod from one plant in a 'posh house' I often ask for seeds/pods/cuttings when I am visiting NT properties etc.

30 Oct, 2016


Growers in the U.S. produce millions of these from cuttings for the bedding plant trade every year, and never need to touch seed or plants from the Canary Islands.

31 Oct, 2016


Hi, thanks for the replies!

Tugbrethil, would US growers send seeds to the UK and would you know of any trusted suppliers that would be happy to ship seeds over to the UK (for a small order from me)?

Seaburngirl - I always used to pinch seeds from plants on visits to gardens! I recently acquired some different Dahlia varieties and will see if I can grow them next year.

2 Nov, 2016


I'm having unexpected difficulties finding seed companies with Lotus maculatus seeds. As I said, though, my understanding is that the bedding plant growers here grow named cultivars from cuttings, not seeds.

4 Nov, 2016


Thanks for the advice, Tugbrethil. I'll look around for plant specimens in late spring/early summer next year and vow to overwinter them. :)

6 Nov, 2016


Coming from a Mediterranean-type climate, the plants grow well under cool conditions, and can even take light frosts (no lower than -2ยบ C), but only start blooming after the spring equinox--about a month or two before the heat kills them, here. :)

7 Nov, 2016

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