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Clematis Freckles. I bought a good sized plant last year and it's done really well growing up and around an obelisk . It has been flowering for a few months given that it's a winter flowering species. My question is to other freckles owners. Do the flowers ever open wide enough to see the red interior? My plant is covered in flowers but they all hang down so I can't see the interior. It's disappointing as the photos showing the plant on the online nursery indicate open flowers.



mine stay as a hanging bell and I have it over the top of a gate so when I look up I can see inside. once established it soon 'ran' to the top of the chimney and OH has twice now cut it back in the last 3 years.

31 Oct, 2016


I have a new arch which will have 2 climbing roses on each side. If I decide to move this clematis when would be the best time? Thanks

31 Oct, 2016


They are like little bells Barbarak so will always hang down. It will soon climb up the obelisk so you can see the inside of the flowers.

1 Nov, 2016

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