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I am trying to clear my garden but the previous owners have covered a small border with gravel. There is too much of it to remove and I would like to put in bulbs is there anything I can do. Thank you everyone who replied. You gave been very helpful.



When you say 'there is too much of it to remove' just how deep is the gravel? If it is only, say, an inch deep then you can plant the bulbs in the soil below the gravel and they will grow up through. If it is 3 or 4 inches deep have you considered filling pond baskets with soil, planting the bulbs in these and burying an inch deep in the gravel.

1 Nov, 2016


Why not make a small clearing where you want to plant the bulbs? Use a rake to push the gravel aside. As Mg stated, an inch or so won't matter much. In the Spring, the bulbs will grow up through the gravel and it might suppress a few weeds.

1 Nov, 2016


Is there a weed supressing membrane under the gravel?

1 Nov, 2016

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