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My father, a keen gardener in Mauritius found this amaryllis growing in a bucket which he had put aside for replanting. He was pleasantly surprised that on removing the lid off the bucket the beautiful flower almost sprang out. Is it possible for the amaryllis to flower without soil and possibly very little light it received through the ill-fitted lid?




Yes - amaryllis is a bulb, and the bulb's capacity to flower again is formed whilst the leaves are present, often the preceding year, so its programmed to flower, even if its in the dark. It can't photosynthesize , it needs leaves in place and sunlight/daylight to do that, so if he wants to keep them and have them flower next year, he should pot them up or plant, carefully, and feed when the leaves are present.

2 Nov, 2016


Actually you've seen it happen, so yes, you have confirmed that its possible....

3 Nov, 2016

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