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Hello all...

Its my first time here so please excuse my errors. I had purchased this plant, rather several plants but dont know what's this one called ? i know its a succulant plant (cactus family) as the leaves are very thick. The tiny leave and tiny roots at the end of the leaf, if planted in another pot, they grow further....what is this plant called ? any advise. Many Thanks...Aly

Cactus_plant_3 Cactus_plant_4 Cactus_plant_2



Mother of Thousands or Bryophyllum daigremontianum, used to be Kalanchoe daigremontianum

3 Nov, 2016


Yep I know it as Bryophyllum. also called Mexican hat plant apparently. A plant beloved by biology/science teachers when doing asexual reproduction.

3 Nov, 2016


I know it as Kalanchoe diagremontiana.

It isn't a cactus. Not all succulent plants are cacti.
Most cacti have spines, and cylindrical or spherical stems.
This plant belongs to the Crassula family :)

3 Nov, 2016


I have flagged the above comments. They will be deleted.
All I can say to the person who wrote them is 'Grow Up'

4 Nov, 2016


I flagged them too.

4 Nov, 2016

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