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do chrysanthemums have different colours on the same plant. I have a red and yellow flower on same plant and stem



There are a few ways that that could happen:
--There are a few varieties that open one color, and gradually turn another. Some start out white, and turn lavender, while some start out yellow, and turn orange or red.
--If it is a recently purchased plant, many of those have several cuttings per pot, and one cutting may mistakenly be from a different variety.
--Occasionally, a single plant will have a mutation (aka bud sport) on one branch that keeps it from forming the pigments that turn the petals red, exposing the yellow ground. So you wind up with a single plant with some branches red, and some yellow, and occasional flowers part and part.

3 Nov, 2016


Some examples appear to have various colors, but if you examine them carefully, they are actually 2 or 3 different plants growing together as one globe and sold as novelty. They look nice for a season.

3 Nov, 2016


as they are on the same stem it may the age change as Tug suggested or the sport as also suggested by Tug. lovely when this happens though.

3 Nov, 2016


I've never seen one stem with 2 different colors - purple & yellow, etc. It's normally a variation of one color, as some fade with age, or all the blooms follow suit - white fades to purple with age.

3 Nov, 2016

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