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I have a pot planted frangipani 1st season this year has grown well indoors had flowers but now leaves wilting and turning yellow is this normal also should it shed its leaves now thank you J Hayward




4 Nov, 2016


Plumeria rubra is very tender, so in the UK, it may be grown outdoors in summer, then removed to a heated conservatory or greenhouse in autumn. Doesn't do too well as a houseplant, more info here

Otherwise, needs averge warmth, minimum 10 deg C, including at night, needs bright light with some direct sun, water liberally in spring and summer, very sparingly in winter. Repot every two years, its capable of reaching over 6 feet in the right conditions indoors.

4 Nov, 2016


[G]rows [o]n [Y]ou, Roses! :)
I also say, welcome! In the UK, Plumeria would probably bloom better with occasional light feedings with tomato food.

4 Nov, 2016

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