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Has anyone had a complete garden makeover? Mine will start in a few weeks. Everything is coming out, and an easier to maintain garden going in. Currently my favourites are in pots but I know that won't all be able to put everything back in the new garden.

I am quite nervous about it all and would love to hear your happy stories.



Nope, we did our own 'make-over' of the garden over many years as we changed it from being, just about, all grass to alpines etc. But get someone else to do... wasn't us at that time :)

7 Nov, 2016


Think out your plan carefully. Envision your garden 5 years from now. There's nothing worse than the right plant growing in the wrong location.

7 Nov, 2016


Did it myself (converting an old simple garden into a very busy cottage garden) a section at a time with some long hard thinking and planning between each section. It is an ongoing project which I intend to never end, it's so enjoyable.

7 Nov, 2016


Never had anyone else in to do that for me, but I''ve done it a fair number of times for clients over the years - best bit of the work as far as I'm concerned, specially putting in low maintenance easy care design and planting... so long as the hard landscaping is right and you're happy with it, any planting you're not keen on or get sick of as time goes by can always be altered, but if you had some good consultations with the designer, and the work is carried out well, you'll love it...

8 Nov, 2016


It is only a small garden but planted for privacy. So currently surrounded by really tall plants in large beds. I can't manage it any more. The plan is to have mostly Acers and small trees as I have a good collection of these already. I also have lots of low growing conifers as I won't be bending and planting in the ground once it is finished.There will be trellising all the way around the garden with a few planting pockets for my roses and clematis. Mainly though it will be paved.

Currently I am debating whether to buy one or two very large tubs, which will stay in the same place and give me scope for planting at waist height. Or smaller tubs for individual plants, which can be moved around as we need.

Any thoughts.

9 Nov, 2016


I recommend you wait and decide that after the garden's been done, - then you'll get a feel for what you need that suits the space. Something to do in the spring, really... One thing I will say though - when selecting containers, try to select the same material and colour for all of them, especially if you end up having more smaller pots.Mixed colours and materials can look very messy...

9 Nov, 2016


Hope you get on well with your designer, who has probably asked lots of questions about what you want. It's also important to tell him/her what you DON'T like before it's too late.

Sounds good so far . . . and a good designer should be able to make a huge difference, and make you happy.

9 Nov, 2016


I agree with Sheila. Make sure he's designing YOUR garden, not his or somebody else's. The world is your oyster, feel free to use whatever plants, pots, decking, whatever you like. It doesn't have to be all matchy matchy. It should reflect your personality and what you like.

9 Nov, 2016


I decided to do this in August and up and till recently meetings have been with the landscaper. Just about materials and construction. I have been collecting photos of the type of thing I like. So far I have had only one meeting with the designer and she seemed like she understood from the photo board what I wanted. I made two plant lists one for stuff I want to keep and one for the doubtfuls. I wondered about giving it to her but she seemed to think it was a good idea

She is coming back with a first draft of ideas and then I guess we will move on from there. The landscaper and the designer are local and I felt comfortable with them. Neither of them are pushy, but are happy to give advice or steer me away from things they don't think are right.

As I don't drive any or the landscaper offered to take me to a place where all the paving stones are laid out. I went alone and could immediately see why he advised me against my first paving choice.

9 Nov, 2016


I wanted to post a photo of the garden before the work but can't seem to do it.

9 Nov, 2016


Maybe the photo needs resizing - smaller? But when you see the designer with her draft ideas, ask her as many questions as you want to, don't feel shy about that...but the fact the landscaper pointed you away from your original paving choice, and you now see why, is a good sign...

with regard to large or small pots and how many, ask the designer for her advice too...

9 Nov, 2016

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