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By Nite

Worcestershire, United Kingdom Gb

My Pampus Grass flowered last year for the first time,i cut it down in march time to the ground as yet it has not flowered.All the Pampus i see around my area are in full bloom what have i done wrong.Any ideas please.



I assume, when you say you 'cut it to the ground', you mean the whole thing, right down to ground level? That's not really the best thing to do I'm afraid. It is cut back, and hard, and in March or early April, but the procedure is a bit more fiddly. You cut out any flowered stems at the base of those stems, where they emerge from the top of the plant, then cut back all leaves to a central stump, leaving the main part of the plant in the middle at whatever height and width its grown to, rather than chopping to the ground. The fact you cut down the central part of the plant would explain why you have no flowers this year and you may not get any next year either, I'm afraid, though you might, its not impossible. Prune back in March as I've described and just wait till the central part of the plant is mature enough to start flowering again, there's nothing else to be done.

22 Nov, 2016


Thank you,i know now when i was told to cut it hard back i thought they meant all of it.I hate it when i mess up it was lovely last year.

22 Nov, 2016


And will be so again, eventually... at least it grew back okay!

22 Nov, 2016

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