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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

My small apple tree had around 200 superb apples on it this year - most of them are wrapped in newspaper on a garage shelf.
Now I suppose it needs a good pruning but not really sure where to start. Any advice would be appreciated.




I guess I should have taken the photo against a clear background.

23 Nov, 2016


Google Pruning apple trees Hank. Loads of info. There'll probably be a video somewhere among them as well. Good luck!

23 Nov, 2016


Thanks S, knew I could rely on you. Will do as you say.

24 Nov, 2016


the RHS advice pages on pruning are very clear. in fact in this months edition there is an article on pruning apples. I have left it open for hubby!

24 Nov, 2016


I need to research this topic too Hank...I'd like to keep mine small enough for me to reach them.

24 Nov, 2016


Take a look at the apple trees in my Apple Blog to get a sense of what your tree should look like when you are done pruning. The idea is to get as much sun into the canopy as possible.
More sun = More apples.

Here is the link:

25 Nov, 2016


O.k.B, i've had a little hack at it this morning but will look at your blog, thanks.

25 Nov, 2016

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