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We have a Philodendron with fantastic glossy leaves but no red bits for a couple of years. It is happy in a great silver pot. Do I start feeding in March? Re new an inch of soil or just move to more light?



You sure you mean Philodendron? Only that doesn't have 'red bits' - are you meaning Anthurium andreanum, which does have glossy leaves and, when purchased, red spathes?

25 Nov, 2016


OK you win. But I still will feed in March

25 Nov, 2016


If you can get it to flower again, you're a better man than me, gunga din... I chucked mine out after 3 years...

26 Nov, 2016


They're a tough plant to grow! I've only managed to get them to bloom in a whitewashed greenhouse--bright indirect light, and high humidity--with a 3-1-2 proportioned fertilizer. If you decide to chuck it, look for A. scherzerianum, or one of its hybrids, those are much more tolerant of houseplant conditions.

26 Nov, 2016


The leaves are glossy & nice so all year fresh green is chance of going anywhere

26 Nov, 2016

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