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By Cupcake

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Hi I bought these daisies as bedding plant but most have died, however these lovely things seem to be going on forever. My questions please, what are they and are they hardy.
Thank you




It looks like coreopsis. I cannot tell the cultivar for sure (maybe Grandiflora Sunfire). Some are perennials, others are annuals, but they will readily reseed and come up every year. You can still get it into your prepared bed so it can root in before the hard frosts come. You'll have a nice plant in the spring- bright yellow cheery daisy-like blooms.

26 Nov, 2016


They look more like a Gazania variety to me - usually treated as an annual because they're frost tender, but if we have a mild winter, you might be lucky. Best in full sun, the flowers close up in shade.

26 Nov, 2016


Yes, Gazania ... I keep them in a cool shed and they usually survive, but they can go to look a bit scruffy in subsequent years.
They are easy to grow from seeds :)

26 Nov, 2016


Thank you all so much for replying to my questions.
It looks like they are Gazania. I just love them when the sunshines it's as if they are saying hello haha. I am thinking of covering them in fleece because they are in the same container as a young Chamaerops, humilis then maybe they will survive the winter.
Fingers crossed. Thank you all again

27 Nov, 2016

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