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Does anyone know how to stop fresh Blueberries from exploding in cup cakes ?
I now have 5 new bushes, planted in (recycled) ericaceous compost. Have found the correct way to prune them on line (Melissa) . I will be feeding them with ericaceous liquid plant food. The tubs are standing in 1" of water in the summer. So all is right growing wise.
I know I will be picking alternate days from July - September. Am saving small containers, for freezing.
I defrost and fold them carefully into cake mixture so not to damage them.
Then when the cakes are baked at 200g C. they explode,
making a mess in the cakes. They are still delicious to eat, just not so pretty ! Its a puzzle.



Try using them from frozen - don't defrost. No guarantees though!

28 Nov, 2016


My daughter loves baking cup cakes and suggests putting the berries into a bowl, then coating them in 2 tablespoons of flour ( from the amount you use) before folding into the mixture.

28 Nov, 2016


Thank you Shirley and Landgirl. Will try these suggestions next time I bake.

28 Nov, 2016


Try pricking the skin of each one with a pin. Just an idea, never tried it but that little hole will allow the steam to escape preventing pressure buildup and explosion.....I hope:)

29 Nov, 2016


Also a good idea Loosestrife2 I hadnt thought of doing that. Thank you.

1 Dec, 2016

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