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By Waddy

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a large Christmas Cactus which has now finished flowering. To say it is pot bound would be to put it mildly, to roots are well through the bottom of the pot. Please could someone tell me when I should re-pot? Thank you.




Hi Julia! When the flowers dry up and drop off - it will go through a "rest" period. That's a good time to repot. It should be very happy with more room and new potting soil.

29 Nov, 2016


In the spring it should begin to grow and will appreciate feeding.I haven't found repotting time particularly critical -they are very forgiving plants. If its living in a warm house you could do it any time really but leave it until later if its in a cold place. If you decided to do it later I'd give it a weak feed now as its so pot bound.

29 Nov, 2016


I need t ogive ours a good drink to wake it up again...

29 Nov, 2016


Thanks everyone!

1 Dec, 2016

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