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Wondering if you could identify this leaf




Oh dear Pancy as this is the second time you've asked this and had no replies it doesn't look as if anyone here can help.I'd have liked to know the answer!

2 Dec, 2016


It looks like a tropical plant that produces its seeds on the
leaves. Therefore it wont make flowers.
Try sending it to Kew laboratories by post. They are very good.

4 Dec, 2016


Looks like cotinus coggygria (or smoke bush) to me as mine has developed the same pattern on its leaves (photo to come once I've figured out why I can't seem to add it).

7 Dec, 2016


Wow Chickweed, you've got it! I Googled Cotinus coggyria leaf pattern and there were photos showing the same design!

8 Dec, 2016


Well done Chickweed! I knew I recognised it, but couldn't put a finger on it. :)

8 Dec, 2016


Thank you. It was only by sheer chance that I spotted my own plant's leaves had that pattern (I thought they were just dark red/purple with no pattern and so it took me about a year of having this in my garden before realising) and photographed them. I don't think I can add a photo to a response to an answer, but then again I'm not very tech savvy.

11 Dec, 2016


Hi Chickweed...I 'think' you can only add photos at the editing your question. I think you can add another photo, but it will come up at the top with the first one. Might be wrong, I'm just going on my memory...seem to think I've done that at some time.

13 Dec, 2016

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