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I have had 6 large lime trees removed which has left a big gap in my front garden. The stumps were not removed. The gap has exposed much of the garden fence which I would like to try and hide. Any ideas of any colourful plants that could fill this area, hide the stumps and the fence ? Many thanks



The area is going to be full of roots and I think you'll need to have the stamps ground out and the soil worked over to remove as many roots as possible. Then add lots of good organic matter, only then can you consider planting anything.

1 Dec, 2016


What MG has to say is so important. So many people who have trees removed fail to go the extra mile and have the stumps ground out and the roots removed. The outcome is that it nearly always causes problems afterwards.

2 Dec, 2016


I did mean 'stumps' not 'stamps'!

2 Dec, 2016


Many thanks for taking the time to respond !

2 Dec, 2016


Don't worry MG. I replied to a question last week and used 'access' instead of 'excess' but as long as you don't put stumps on your Christmas cards it doesn't matter.

2 Dec, 2016


Lol. And if you do leave the stumps in the ground you'll need to kill them with SBK because otherwise they will continue to throw up lots of shoots round the base of the trunk and hiding the stumps with plants will just make it difficult to remove them every year. If you decide to kill the stumps and leave them in situ we would need to know how tall they are before trying to think of suggestions to cover them. Ivy would cover everything but you and/or your successors would probably regret it for ever...

2 Dec, 2016

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