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I have grown 12 garlics from planting the cloves into a section tray. They have started growing away nicely in my greenhouse but when should I plant them outdoors?

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Given that the ground will be cold and possibly very wet I would suggest you need to plant them into pots and keep in the greenhouse. Better to start garlic early spring.

3 Dec, 2016


Hi I don't know if I answered you moon grower, I do apologise if I didn't. I have since harvested it and tried to dry it. It seemed dry after days of hanging in the garage so I chopped of the roots and leaves and put the bulbs into my veg cubboard. However, when I came to use it the cloves I peeled seemed slightly soft and damp. Do you think it may have been less than ready?

13 Jul, 2017


Possibly, difficult to give a real answer.

13 Jul, 2017

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